Our Present

LAGCAPA plays an integral role in planning the scientific program for American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry's (AACAP) annual meeting. Issues that LAGCAPA members have presented to psychiatric colleagues include topics such as gay teen suicide, gays and lesbians as parents, and parenting gender-nonconforming children.
In addition, many of LAGCAPA's members serve on AACAP's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues (formerly "Homosexual Issues") Committee (SOGIIC) where important policy matters are addressed. Recent issues have included the drafting of a sexual orientation nondiscrimination policy adopted by AACAP, AACAP position statements on sexual orientation and civil rights, the fitness of gays and lesbians as parents, "reparative" therapy for teens, and recommending AACAP positions on amicus curiae briefs submitted by civil rights organizations in several precedent-setting legal cases.