Our Future

LAGCAPA plans to work closely with its adult psychiatry counterpart, the Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists (AGLP), to broadcast its efforts by serving as consultants to the broader community of General psychiatrists. Planned activities include clinical consultation breakfasts for American Psychiatric Association (APA) members with LAGCAPA members during the annual meeting of APA, jointly sponsored scientific presentations relating to youth affected by LGBT issues at both AACAP and APA meetings, and making available a roster of LAGCAPA members available for consultation and referral nationwide.
LAGCAPA also has established a women's committee to better serve its members. A new LAGCAPA website has been created to allow its members to communicate and find information more easily. Planned services of the website include access for members to LAGCAPA’s bylaws, eLibrary, newsletters, and listserves where members can communicate with one another.